The Weekend

This account begins with Friday. As I mentioned, I preached in chapel for all the students and faculty that were on campus. My students were there as well as other students. The chapel has a theme verse for the year, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Then each week has a series of topics to choose from. From the list, I chose “fear,” something I am familiar with the last couple of month.

The sermon went well and I enjoyed preaching it and it was well received. I talked about things that make us afraid. Many are from inside ourselves and some from outside, from the world. In the end fear is a tool of the Enemy. The past point was ways to overcome fear. I concluded by reading Matthew West’s song, “Fear Is a Liar.”

That was pretty much our Friday. We hung around the campus, did some internet. Saturday went to the grocery store. We bought $34,000 worth of food. US dollars, that was like $32 and change. We are living in a one room apartment with no kitchen.. We buy cereal and long life milk. We can keep it a couple of days for cereal without a refrigerator. We get grapes, cookies, tuna, bread peanut butter and the like. That was the highlight of Saturday.

We went to church at Mabvuku, where we went last week. I preached a revised version of the fear sermon, took some fun pictures just enjoyed ourselves. Then back to campus. We watched an episode of The Chosen. Then disaster, my computer died. I think it is the power supply, but maybe it is the power cords. Getting it fixed is a challenge for sure.

So Monday begins with a blog. Not much is scheduled until Friday, when we head to Chiredzi. We will see what the week really holds.

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