I get frustrated with distractions. This morning we are having our monthly Half Day Prayer. I enjoy taking a Saturday morning and spending it in fellowship and worship of our God. I sometimes refer to it as ‘A Morning with the Maker.’

Praying LIttle GirlMany  a morning I have experienced a great time and have heard that still small voice to motivate or challenge me. I have taken many a friend and family member before the throne of grace, seeking the face of our God on their behalf. And there have been times when I have used this time to sort through issues I am facing. Prayer always makes those decision much easier.



This morning has been a challenge, however. I have a lot going on the next few months. I am headed off to Cincinnati for ICOM next week. There are things to be done to get ready for that trip. I have some time with family over Thanksgiving. There is Christmas in Houston with all our kids which will be fun. And I have two mission trips to look forward to in March and April. I also have some responsibilities with our Haiti ministry that I am trying to sort through as to how and when. These are just a few of the things on my mind. All are matters for prayer. Yet, they invade each other and I cannot focus. Distractions.

Add to that just a sense of general restlessness and I am having trouble concentrating on the task at hand. This blog entry is an example. It might be a distraction or something to help me focus. So many things on my mind it is impossible this morning to complete anything.

Not Alone

I wish it was a unique issue for today, or for me. Yet, life is filled with distractions. Some come daily, hourly even. For some of us there are those little things we call kids. Homes distract us as toilets clog, lights burn out, and carpets get stained. The best laid plans of mice and men. 

The saddest distractions, for me, are things that distract me from my worship and my daily walk. Often, they are my of my own making. I fill my day with other stuff and don’t leave time for God. Other times I can blame the people around me. I like the blame game, but that is another blog.

So, the challenge before me, the challenge God has put before me today is to fight through those distractions. Focus. Listen to him and his word. Block out those things with draw me away. Stay focused.