Settling In

When I ended my last blog, we were awaiting a ride to Chiredzi. That ride did arrive and we have settled in our mission house abode. The trip down was a bit longer than I thought due to roads that have not been kept up and a stop at Pemberton Station so that Samuel could get a report. Just before we got there we stopped at a Chicken Inn for our first chicken and chips in a box (think KFC like preparation). After Pemberton Station we stopped in Guru to pick up Samuel’s daughter and see his house there.

Friday and Saturday

We arrived at the mission house on Friday, greeted our friends, Mark and Meghan, who work with the mission and live next door. So far, Meghan has been our guide to stores, the village, and around town. We spent two months here last time, but the refresher was very much appreciated. Saturday was a grocery day and planning day.


Sunday we attended the English speaking church here, Chiredzi Christian Church. It is the church we will attend about half our time here and the other at Shona churches of the mission. In the afternoon there was a bit of excitement. We were on the edge of Cyclone Fred, with wind and rain. A tree branch made contact with a power line and after a loud sound and a couple of flashes we had no power. That in itself isn’t unusual but after a bit some linemen and Meghan were in the driveway examining the damage. The system here is a bit new to us so we weren’t sure is we broke something or set something on fire. We get power from the power utility and a solar system and a last stand he generator.


Yesterday, Monday, we went to the office and set things in motion for the next three months. We figured out our Zimbabwe phone (+263 78 094 6961 which is our WhatsApp number as well) and the internet. I had to buy whatever it was I bought to make it work. We then went to the village to hand out the clothes we brought. That was fun. Then off to the store and a lovely dinner together.


Today we were thinking we might go back to Harare for a preaching conference, but transportation could not be arranged so that didn’t happen. I’m about to head to town to find some things we need then work on my dead computer so I can see about ordering parts. After some testing again, it seem my plug adapter might have been the problem. The short of the matter, the computer is working fine. More work soon.