Through the Fog

Morning FogThe last few mornings and evening (and a couple of middays) have been a little on the foggy side. At times is has been like hard to see across the street at times foggy. Other times, it has been a little low cloud, tiny mist, and a hint of the sun (moon) beyond.

Some people don't like fog. To be honest some people don't like anything but sunshine, and then too much of that makes them jumpy, but that is another story. And I confess that when it gets thick, I prefer to sit on my couch and look at it through my front window.  That said, I for one do like a little fog. There is something mysterious about it. In my neighborhood, I know what is over there even if I cannot see it. When I am in a strange place and don't know what is beyond the white wall I am left to wonder and guess. I have an idea what might be over there, should be just beyond my sight. Once in a while I go back and been surprised, and on occasion been a little scared when it was a huge drop off and certain death.

My favorite part of fog, however, is that 'almost make it out' stage. The 'what is that?' view into the soup. There can be a progression of understanding here. We go from not knowing at all, to having an idea, to being fairly certain, to the 'Oh, yeah, I knew it' moment. It is the progression of discovery.

Our Christian walk can often be the same. There are days when things are clear and bright. No problems, and few issues. Those are the sunny days of our journey. Then there are other dark, gray days when depression, doubt, and confusion reign. Those are the raining, nasty, stormy days of our journey. Then there are the foggy days. These are the days of discovery, of learning. Maybe it is a new truth that becomes a little clearer. Or when we experience our transcendent in a very personal and incarnational way. It is those moments when we move from having little or no idea, to that 'ah, ha' moment. Sometimes we we were right and sometimes we weren't. One day the white wall will be lifted and we will discover what is on the other side. I hope it is good news.