Some Fun to End March

Road Trip

This blog will not chronicle every day we had this week, but two highlights. The first highlight of the week, other good stuff did happen, was a road trip. We love road trips. This one was on Wednesday. There is a team of three men from Central Christian Church in Mt. Vernon, IL. The are a major supporting church of HVCM. One of their projects is a church, school and clinic in the rural, and I mean rural community, of Rushangaruwe. Try saying that fast. Sherry and I visited this place two years ago and it was good to get back. The clinic I just mentioned is not yet finished. The main construction is done. The clinic building, nurses’s housing, and waiting mothers’ apartments. But worked has been paused there and the Illinois team was here to assess the situation and determine what and how much and who, all the technical stuff. Sherry has been praying about this clinic since we were here last time and we are glad the work will hopefully be resumed. For Sherry and I, just returning to another church we have been to and meeting again pastors and their wives we know is a highlight of any week.

Youth Event

The second highlight came last night. Our church, Chiredzi Church of Church, held a gathering called “Youth Ablaze.” It is an event that hasn’t happened for a while. It is a community young people’s gathering with music, dance, praise, worship, and an old Murungu speaking, that’s me. We made a theater-in-the-round setup of the chairs, had lights, was loud, and a blast. It was not an event for everyone, but Sherry and I celebrated with the young believers (and a few not-so-young who snuck in). It was an event that included a number of other churches and quite a few non-Christians, and nominal believers. I spoke about the fears we all have and that the best way we have to overcome those fears is with a relationship with Jesus and the Father who created them.

Today is also busy morning. We have our weekly pray time at the church, Sherry has worship practice, she is helping the young team grow in their role, and we are hosting the Illinois team for lunch before they leave Chiredzi. Tomorrow, we head to Checheche Church of Christ to worship with that church and celebrate Palm Sunday with them.