Christmas Eve Thoughts

Hey, Pastor Bruce here on this Christmas Eve. Normally, I would be there with you, our church family, gathering to celebrate the birth of our Savior. But alas, as you watch this I should be around 30,000 ft headed to be with family in Houston. Not only is Sherry with me, but Amber, Dave, Jaymee, and the dog are on the same flight. 15 of us gather tomorrow to celebrate that birth. Though absent in body, I am there in spirit with you. Missing you–loving that you are part of my family.
Missing you–that thought causes me to reflect on that first Christmas. We celebrate the birth of Jesus–His first day on earth with us. That means it was his first day not in heaven–ever.

  • He left his father to be with us.
  • He left the heavenly host.
  • He life those great saints who came before.
  • he left a hole in heaven.

So I wonder–And I have never wondered this before–what was it like in heaven that day? Did the angels look down on the scene and feel part of something special or did they feel a sense of loss–The Word was gone. Did heaven–where times makes no difference–suddenly start counting the seconds until his Return? How did the father feel that day? Was he experiencing the feelings of the empty nest?
It seems to me that the first Christmas morning was a mirror opposite on earth and in heaven. One place gained, while another place lost. One found angels visiting and announcing good news of great joy. Another learned that angels were announcing Jesus has left the building.
I confess I have no idea nor do I wish to start any discussion on what it might have been like. These things I do know:

  1. Absence is absence. And with absence comes emotion.
  2. Expectation of reunion brings joy and hope.
  3. Once absence is over there is a renewed appreciation of presence.

So, church family, whose absence I am feeling, greetings from 30,000 ft. Love and tidings of great news this night. See you soon. Merry Christmas and happy birthday Jesus.