Learning Curve

I have been working with website for a while. I confess there is so much I don’t know or understand that I probably should find some grade-schooler and tell them what I want and have them do what I need done. That is not how things in my world work, however.

I have been content for quite a while with what I have produced. There is nothing fancy about my sites and I have gotten a little lazy about learning how to do new things.

Well the need to make our church website more mobile friendly has meant that I needed to learn some new stuff. While I like learning new stuff, I confess I’m not into the little details. Yet, that is where I am finding myself these days, learning some small details, which text box to check, how big to make pictures, where do menus go, what needs to be on the side bar (sorry that is all website stuff that most don’t care much about.)

It strikes me that for many of us this is the way life in general, and our Christian walk in particular, functions. We have learned enough to get by and we appreciate it when something new and big comes along. Yet, once we get started into it we realize that there is more to this than we are wanting to go. We got a new frig last month and the manual is huge. It took a couple of hours to learn how to set the temperature we wanted. There was the autofill water pitcher and how to turn it on. I noticed that I could perhaps hook it to my phone to see what temperature and who knows maybe adjust it from Haiti or whatever. I gave up that project quickly. Honestly, who needs that.

Back to life. Many of us have memorized some favorite scriptures. Read our favorite Bible books (I am in Leviticus which frankly isn’t) several times. I believe the challenge we all face is the continued desire to learn and grow. To keep that learning curve moving up and up and at a rather steep angle.