When We Don’t Feel Like It

The BlahsIt has been over a month since I have written a post for this blog. I confess I have had an idea or two, usually when I awaken in the middle of the night. They are much better and make more sense at that time of the night. The next morning the ideas either have taken flight or are not as creative and cleaver (not to say helpful) as they were in the dark of the night. Then again, there is no real reason to do these regularly, except maybe as a discipline. I think back to my Kimberly Christian Church days when I wrote for the newsletter every Monday. Nothing like a secretary standing at your office door to motivate one.

The real problem is two fold I think. First, it is winter and like so many I get the blahs during the winter. I think getting up in the dark and coming home in the dark are part of it. The gray sky contributes. And the last few weeks the fog makes one gloomy. So I come to this page, and stare at the screen, nothing.

The second reason is because I don't really want to. Maybe that is part of the first, but it is bigger. Sometime we sign up for things and change our minds. I know it is a good thing to share thoughts. Even if no one else reads this, it is good for me to get them on paper. If one person stumbles here and finds a little encouragement, even better. Here in Shelton, we have never done newsletters more than once a month, and sometimes less frequently than that. It has been a couple of years since we have done one. We have other ways to dispense news. So I have gotten lazy and don't really want to discipline myself and take the hour to do this. That is too bad, as I cheat myself from the benefits of writing these, even if no one reads them.

As I think about our spiritual journeys, there are a lot of very important, helpful things that we can do and need to do. The most dangerous place to be on this journey is where we are. Or more correctly, staying where we are. Moving on takes effort. And too often, we simply don't feel like doing the work. Maybe we have been on the journey for a long time, and are tired, or bored. Perhaps we are new and a little unsure of how to proceed. Maybe we simply have the spiritual blahs. Whatever our excuse, we don't get better doing nothing about it. So it is time to get over the gray sky and start or restart the journey, whether we feel like it or not.

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