Christmas Eve Reflection, 2020

This month we have been looking at names. Specifically, we have been looking at the names Isaiah applied to the baby Jesus.

  1. Names are important.
  2. The baby across the street I mentioned last Sunday – his name is Thomas.
  3. My son bears the names of his grandfathers.
  4. My son’s son bears his name.
  5. One of my granddaughters is named after her uncle, caring on a family name.
  6. I think about my name, ‘Bruce.’ It means thicket or woods. It was (is) important Scottish name (and I am 85% British Isles) so that might fit. My mom chose it because she liked the sound, as good a reason as any.
  7. My middle name is ‘Lynn’ which means lake or ruddy-completed. No real significance except mom liked it. My step-grandfather’s name was Lynn and he gave my folks a silver dollar, thanking them for naming me after him. I wonder what happened to that dollar?

The Bible speaks often about names. Remember John the Baptizer? Zechariah was pressured to name him after himself. God had other instructions. Joseph received instruction as to the name for the baby of Bethlehem. He was to be Yeshua (Joshua), the rescuer or savior – Greek, Iesous. And then into Latin with a series of variations to Jesus.

The names given the Promised one in our text were divinely ordained. They not only identify him, separating him from others, but speak volumes of his character and purpose. He goes by several names besides Jesus. Immanuel, Lord of Lords, King of King. Lion of Judah, Son of God, Son of Man, Redeemer to name a few.

I am called by names other than the one my mom gave me. Grandma Horting used to call me BoBo. I have been called by titles of jobs I have had. And I have been called some things related to conduct or behavior. That got me thinking. If my Christmas gift was the opportunity to change my name to match my character and purpose, what would that (those) name be?

  1. Faithful.
  2. Integrity
  3. Humorous (maybe not so sarcastic)
  4. Patient
  5. Kind and caring.
  6. Thankful
  7. Good Father
  8. Loving
  9. Humble (Tim McGraw song)

This could go one for while but you get the point. And in the OT the name often set the person’s destiny. Other times names were change to reflect God work in their lives.

My Christmas goal this year is to live up to some of the names I have listed. The year ahead may well need some loving, caring, patient, funny people.