People of Disneyland

Our Team At DisneylandAs is our habit, following our building project in Mexico, the team spends a day at Disneyland in Anaheim. Walking around I noticed various kinds of people. Most were just people, like me I hope, who were there to have fun. They walked around, eating, riding, talking, enjoying their families. These people were aware of what was going on around them. They were generally curious and polite. They were not rushed, and understood that someone joining their families where already in line was not the end of the world. I interacted with many of them. Some had great senses of humor or an interesting story they were glad to share. A few were from Washington, or had been. Others were Christians and commented on our tee-shirts which talked about our ministry, AMOR.

Then there were others. Some wondered through the park, looking at their phones, or studying the provided maps. Every so often I had to change my route, stop, or even back up to avoid running into them. They were oblivious of who was there, what was going on, or seemed to care. In one line there was a couple on what I assume was a date. For almost an hour he was on his cell, while his date looked bored. I asked one of the gals with us what she would do if that were her date. Answer, "It would be the last one."

Disneyland in the RainAnother group were focused and directed. They were headed for the next ride, looking for a drink or wanting a churro so badly that they ran roughshod into people. At time, they would elbow past others to make sure that they got in a line which would take an hour ahead of all they could. I summarize them as those who would say, "It is all about me."

I saw a few people who really didn't want to be there. Maybe their parents made them, or the wife insisted. Some looked like they had been there so many times that there was no happiness left. These were often short tempered, grumble and non-cooperative. I felt sorry for some of them, but more for their families who endured their poor attitudes.

I saw others, but this makes the point. It doesn't matter where we are, at home, work, church, or the "Happiest Place on Earth." Our attitudes make the difference how we make our spiritual journey. We can enjoy the journey and share it with those we share the road with. Or we can find it burdensome, uninteresting, somewhere we don't want to be. I pray we all enjoy that journey and accommodate our fellow travelers. And remember, we are all on the journey in one form or another.