Simple Week

I ended the last blog with the note that we didn’t really have an assignment this week. That has proven true. That does not mean that we haven’t done anything.

We did get to two chapel services this week. They were both quite good. I do enjoy the singing and how they move their feet. I am not talented at either so, I find myself a bit jealous.

This has been moving week. Sherry and I had to move from our one room apartment to a three bedroom flat. We still have no kitchen to speak of. Two stoves, neither of whom work, and to frig. There is a nice shower, butno warm water yet. It isnice though and the beds are new. No complaint, just reporting. The professor who usually stays in the first room we had returned to teach his class. I managed to be very busy when it was time to actually move, but I had packed my belongings and some student/staff helped Sherry make the move. The other American couple who are here also had to move and they had a lot more stuff to move. Again, I was occupy and unable to help.

However, the big move of the week has been in the library. It was moved to make room for a new cafeteria and the roof had also collapsed. Needless to say it was a mess and lots needed to be done. So Sherry volunteered to help, and as the loving husband I am, I was right there giving her a hand. We have moved, washed, dusted most every shelf and book. We reorganized, using the Dewey system. We have a dozen hours this week in there. I think we are done for this week. We are supposed to go to Chores so tomorrow, though I haven’t seen our ride and it is after 7 pm so who knows.

That concludes our slow week.


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