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As I was finishing my dinner tonight, I thought some might wonder what we are eating here in Chiredzi. Our current menu is not like what we had at the college, many sadza with some accompanying items. Since we arrived here we have changed our diet, mostly because we can’t really cook the normal Zimbabwe menu. So here is a sample of some of our fare.

We have eaten chicken. One way is to cube a butternut squash and put the chicken on top and bake. It is one of our favorites. We have fried chicken as well, and one we went to Chicken Inn for chicken and chips. Also, we eat some eggs, usually boiled, but fried a couple of times.

Tonight, we had good old American style hamburgers. Mine with a bun, sharp cheddar (they call it mature), a tomato and some mustard sauce (I cannot really describe it except to say it is a little sweet and looks a lot like thawed concentrated orange juice.) Add to that some chips (not fries like above but real potato chips). There is a name for them, but I forget. Also, we had baked beans, which are not exactly like ours by with a little spice they are OK. We went to the store this afternoon and Sherry got a greek salad and I got something called a Waldorf, and it was close.

Another favorite we have is a sausage thing similar to bratwurst. For breakfast we have cornflakes and a banana. We make a salad with apples, and yogurt, with granola. Once we added grapes and that was good. We eat tuna, peanut butter and jelly, and left overs for lunch.

Soon, we will be on the road again and sadza and fare will return to our menu. Oh, and our friend Meghan hooked us on a chocolate covered cookie. We also get a mini scone, and dinner rolls of various forms. Last night I popped popcorn. I haven’t used oil and a stove for a long time. We did bring Crystal Lite with us, and hot chocolate. I have licorise tea and Sherry some sweet and spice tea. And instant coffee is abundant, not Starbucks, but still a great way to start the morning.

There are a few other odds and ends, but for the most part, that is what we eat. We are not gaining weight and we have both dropped a pound or two, once we quit buying the biscuits (cookies back home). I hope you found this of a little interest. We are not doing without and often feel like we are at homw. Thanks for reading this far and God bless.

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