February Ends and March Begins


The last blog ended on Tuesday, the 28th, with Sherry and I in Chiredzi and a computer that somehow returned from the dead. Understand, I am not claiming any miracles here. I’m just celebrating the fact that it works.

This hasn’t been the busiest of weeks here in Zimbabwe, but we did get a few things done and enjoyed our time here. In no particular order, we passed out the clothing we brought for the Village, filed taxes, took our friend’s bike for a ride and decided not to buy it, changed six windows at the village, and more significantly, taught some of the of orphans how to do it. Today, I attempted to repair curtain rods and the same said Village. That didn’t go very well so Monday I will make another attempt (well, now sure what day next week as we will be more involved in ministry with Hippo Valley. I will not be defeated by fisher plugs (like mollies). There were several issues with today’s attempt, but I will prevail!

I am writing this on Saturday, March 4th. We are coming up on a month here in Africa. There are a number of tasks on our horizon. We have rural churches to visit and preach at. We have regular preaching duties (not tomorrow but next Sunday) here at the English speaking church.We are looking forward to the coming month.


So, for now, we enjoy the generous house we call home. I have a new bike today which has 1.3 miles on it and that was me riding it home from the bike shop. Later today this 5% rain is supposed to let up and I might get a few more miles under my belt yet today.

On the topic of riding, I am keenly aware that I don’t have the best sense of directions. All that North, South, East, West lingo doesn’t really help me much. I rarely know which way those are. Yesterday on my ride I was on the verge of being lost. Not that I couldn’t get home lost but lost in the sense that all of a sudden I was back to some familiar place that I didn’t know I was headed toward. Or I thought I was going down a road only to come to that road upon which I thought I was on. There is a small private airport just a mile or so from my house and it is a reference point. Once yesterday I came upon it quite unexpectedly and another time, I thought I was headed toward it when in fact it was behind me. My sister’s FaceBook admonition to not get lost is a real thing. I am carrying a couple of maps on my phone so I can always get home.

Well, the sun is out that the 5% rain is not a 2% possibility. I am going to make sure the clearing is real and then give the new bike a good go. Tomorrow is church day, and we look forward to worshipping again with our brothers and sisters in Christ. So until next week, may your March be a lamb coming in and going out. Stay warm you Sheltonites. We are, but then again it is Summer here. God bless.

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