Journey Entry Seventeen

We head out for a week this time and I am pretty sure there will be no internet or very little at most, so I will give a quick update on the last two days and look forward to the next week.

Yesterday we went down a road we are quite familiar with by now, Chiredzi to Ngundu. From there we turn either South, which we have most the time or North, today was out second venture in that direction. Back to yesterday. We visited a church that has only a tin roof shelter, with no walls. The posts are metal and quite sturdy. About a dozen people came to listen as we did our usual stewardship and Sherry’s testimony. We enjoyed ourselves and met some fine people.

Then it was off to a second church. We had picked up the preacher from Chingami (the place we spent the weekend) on our way out of town. He was with us at our first stop. Sherry and I don’t always put the pieces together as we often have no idea where we are going. We left the church and headed down the road. We stopped at a primary school, Sagwari, and did a quick swing through. Nice, but still it didn’t click. We continued down the dirt road until it was just a path through a farmers field. We passed a man in a suit who gave us directions, and off in the distance we saw a lady was waving. Covid masks make it hard to recognize people, but once we exited the pickup it was clear where we were. Sagwari is the other church we shared with over the weekend. We had stopped to bring them greetings and songbooks. Sherry and I were so excited to see them again. Their church was the school but Covid had made them move to under a tree. The had made some branch benches and were worshiping there. What fun we had.

Today we ventured down our road but went North to Rushangarumyie. There is a group of shops, an unfinished clinic, primary and secondary schools and a church. We came to the church. It was another wild, fun ride along a road that is affected by the rain. Again about a dozen people came to listen and learn. We have met the pastor before so we know him. One of the men who was there was an older man in a purple suit, purple hat, and purple tie. As he left us, he remarked the King is leaving. It was a great meeting and we had food. You know the menu if you have read any of these.

We returned home and began planning and packing for tomorrow. Tomorrow we drive to Harare, the capital, to get Donna and Jenn on Friday, go to a college graduation on Saturday, and try to livestream our granddaughter Jaymee’s graduation. It will be about 3 or 4 in the morning for us and we are not sure if we have enough data but will do our best. On Sunday, we go to Doma where Dave and Cynthia Fortescues live and work. Our church supports them, they are the goat and flower seed people. We are there until Tuesday when we return to Harare to pick up Beca Sartori and Ne’a Moffett. One more night in Harare and we will be back home in Chiredzi. I said quick but I was wrong. It was a busy two days and will be for the next week. At least it is something a little difference, no stewardship lessons for one.

God bless. Time here is getting short and the work is going well. See you Shelton people soon. Thanks for reading this and saying nice things. Love, Bruce

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