Journal Entry Twelve

Sunday morning was a great day, minus one small item. On Saturday night we had a rain event. For an hour or so we had pretty significant rain waves come through. By morning we couldn’t really tell except for a puddle or two in places. Those rains plus the chance of wind caused the church under the tree to move indoors. So no tree church pictures. The room we moved into was actually are of a house under construction and had no roof and packed dirt floor. It wasn’t very big, but we managed to squeeze 30 or so people in and had a great time of worship. We sang (drum of course and a round of dance), had an awesome prayer time as the leader would offer things to pray about and a member stood and covered it with prayer. A couple of members stood with specific requests and they too were covered. When that was finished it was my turn. I shared my sermon. After that I thought we might be done, but no. The pastor had been to a training session earlier in the week and wanted Sherry to share her teaching. She did and it was great as usual. Then he wanted me to do my stewardship teaching. As it was getting later in the day and we had an hour drive home, I did a shorter version (45 minutes instead of the hour and 45 I usually use.). Then we had lunch (dinner). Sadza, rice, and chicken. For dessert they brought out ground nuts. Sherry posted Facebook on those. We finally revisited the gardens and collected a few fresh oranges. Then home.

Monday we left early for Dinhe. Alone had a clinic meeting to attend and work is progressing on a guest house I will be occupying next month so we went along to see how the work was coming. We also delivered more baby layettes to the clinic. She was there a couple of weeks ago and prayed with an expectant mother. That baby was born the day before we arrived so we got to see the new little one.

The house is coming along nicely. The workers were added a foot to the top of the walls so they met the new ceiling. Pretty interesting project. We left paint and Sherry shared how she thought the painting ought to be done. Some was agreed to and some wasn’t. All in all we were happy and looking forward to staying there. We also checked out work on a new school building which the preschool kids will occupy. Some other things were seen and questions asked and answered. We then headed home. As we were taking the preacher back with us the Zimbabweans decided I should drive the three hours home and Sherry sit in front with me and the three of them in the back seat. The first hour was on rut-filled dirt crossing some dry streams and missing goats, chickens and cows. Then a 100 kph (65 to 70mph) run to Chiredzi. Made it safely and I no real issues. It took a second to get used being on the right side of the car and passing big trucks to a few to be comfortable. There were holes to miss, animals to dodge, and stopping taxis to avoid. It ended well.

This morning is an African Holiday, Africa Day, so no work. Sherry and I checked out some bed that were remade for the guest house and I am going to try and go some IT at the office this morning as well. Tomorrow finished week four here. People are already making plans for our return which is by no means a sure thing though I wouldn’t mind it. Keep praying for us and eating those animal cookies. We are healthy and strong. We are feeling like this has been successful so far. And I keep learning while here.

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