Journal Entry Nineteen

This is the continuation of entry 18, our trip to Doma, North of Harare. We left the college (Zimbabwe Christian College) early in the morning for our trip. Before we left, we had a couple of stops to make, shock, shock. One was at a market. It was a new one to us and it was a very wonderful place. Once we got through, we loaded the groceries for our visit and stuffed it in around the other things we had packed. It was a very full load.

We headed North and traveled through some beautiful country, including an interesting mountain range. Half way there we came to a little stop, Lion’s Den. We had lunch, several had burgers which were good and a few of us had Boarewors. I also was introduced to Stoney’s ginger beer and Biltong (kind of like jerky). It also was a place that had some beautiful flowers which Jenn loved. (She is a flower girl). Then it was off for the rest of the trip.

We first came to Mhangura where Dave and Cynthia Fortescue have their office. This is where the flower seed project is managed, sorted and packaged. We were also shown a large building that was a grocery store. It is currently empty but Cynthia dreams of acquiring it and turning it into a school. Big dream for sure. Dave’s childhood home was also behind the office.

Once we saw this, it was back on the road to Doma. Doma is a small place. There was a place that was processing grain and a police office, four officers and one car. Then we went by two houses, the two houses in town. Then some ways down the road we came to Fortescues’ home. It is a simple place but we managed the four extras that moved in. We had two tents, one for Sherry and me and one for Donna and Jenn. Sherry, Donna, and I attended one of Dave’s village Bible studies. It was at a village home and very interesting. Dave focused on the gods behind the idols that we make, versus the real God that we serve. And we tried naming the little gods, in Africa, and America. We then settled in around an outside table for some food and tea. That night we watch stars. There are no lights around and the stars were amazing. I went out to the road at just stared. Cynthia and I walked down to a pasture to have a clear view of the whole sky. The night was cold and sleep was a challenge in our tent, but we managed.

The next day, Monday, was tour day. We were joined in the morning by ministry partners Mark and Megan who are in charge of our orphanage. We were visiting an orphanage in Doma. We started with a farm. It had fields of corn and sorghum, corn for people, sorghum for cattle. There is a herbal medical clinic there and gardens growing herbs for medicines. Then it was off to the chicken area, with layers and fryers. Rabbits were also there. Then we saw the cattle area. They have beef for eating and dairy for milking. Other gardens growing some food items. There were also houses for the 280 people who work the farm and orphanage.

Then it was off to the orphanage itself. It is called Eden and an impressive facility. There are currently about 80 kids there, including 25 that just arrived from a home that was shut down by the government. Others took a look at the goat project, and saw two baby goats born while we were there. I also visited a pig project and cage system Dave has adapted. Then home for another fine meal, well actually it was left overs from lunch, making both meals quite good. Another view of the sky, this one a quick sighting of the International Space Station. (I need to get the app on my phone that lets me know when it is visible at my house.) Another night in the tent, not quite as cold but still a challenge. During the night I looked up and thought I saw stars. Sherry did as well and we decided it was the brightness shining through.

Up in the morning and back to the college, via Lion’s Den and some junk food. The next day we picked up Beca and Ne’a from the airport. After another evening at the school we headed back to Chiredzi to begin our last week and a half here. Things are being adjusted because of a new Covid lock down here. We were going to church in Dine later this week, but that isn’t happening. Still God is good and we will be in Dinhe tomorrow for the day. More news to come. God is good and always has our backs. Amazing things are happening and we are honored to be a part of it. So God bless and keep focused on the kingdom things.

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