Useless Stuff, Wasted Time

Since I started this blog, I have noticed several things. One of those things has to do with comments on a blog page. Maybe others have a different experience, but the comments that come on my blog are useless. They advertise drug, shoes, weightloss, hand bags, web advice, penny stocks and the like. I will get 100s every couple of weeks. I used to read them, and I do look quickly at the list just in case someone I know responds to what I say. I am aware that no one will, but one did, my cousin. (She warned me on Facebook that she did, thankfully). Some are just lists of products, some are random words with a link at the bottom, and some are what appear to be nice, affirming statements about the quality of this blog and how they are going to return often. The problem is, the nice, affirming posts are all worded the same, and are all sent by different users. Strange. A few sound like non-English speakers trying to sound like English speakers.

So I was left to wonder, does this do any good at all. They don't on my page, because I delete them and don't even approve them. I assume that it is a spider or robot or some unemployable senior citizen that is doing the actually posting. But does anyone every by Viagra because the saw some random post on a preacher's blog? Do they real sell enough shoes or knockoff purses to make it worthwhile? Some things just don't seem to be productive.

As I pondered that cosmic question, I got to thinking about some of the things we do, on this spiritual journey to holiness. (Remember, that is the purpose of this blog, to consider a holiness journey). I know I waste time. We all do. I am not a better person because I play Candy Crush Saga. In fact, I have been stuck for so long on level 65 that I am about to give up the game. I read news every day, well most every day. I like knowing what is going on in Syria, though I am not sure it is helpful. I contemplate things that I can never solve. But I think about them nonetheless.

I guess for me, there is a balance that I have to strike. I believe I do some important stuff. Sermons are important, at least to the 100 or so people who will listen. (OK, I am not sure how many of the 100 are really listening, but that is another question). Making sure people know about Jesus, that is critical. Making sure people are aware of Shelton Christian Church, to a lesser degree significant. Loving my wife, caring about my kids, cherishing every minute with my grandkids, priceless. I want stuff to matter. Not eveything does. But not everything I think matters in fact matters, and some of the wasted time turns out to be the most significant time there is in the day. 

So I continue my journey. Sometimes I make great progress and am excited and encouraged by what I learn. And other times I sit by the bank of the river and refresh myself. And sometimes I waste valuable time and resources on nothing. For that I am most sorry, and repentant. I just wish I knew which was which.

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