Rain, Rain, Go Away

I must confess that sometimes tire of the drops from the sky. The other day, after a particularly sustained period of dampness, one of my friends (who has escaped me) was complaining about the number of days and the amount of water. The person expressed that they were tired and even suggested that it was time to go find drier weather. I doubt they were serious, about finding a new place to dwell, anyway. For me, the tiredness relates more to my hobby than my dislike of rain. I have jumped from a plane in light showers, and it felt a lot like being sand blasted. The great Easter weekend got away from my hobby because of the abundance of church events. I would never consider missing Good Friday, celebrating the life of a saint, or Easter worship. So all is good.

To be brutally honest, I really appreciate rain. I have lived in an area where rain is rare. I have lived in the high desert of Idaho. Without the irrigation ditches and sprinkler lines, most of Southern Idaho would be little more than a road passing through. I put myself through the first couple of years of college moving sprinkler lines and digging out ditches. I have seen enough brown and sage. I will undoubtedly return from time to time to the area, but I chose to live in Western Washington on purpose. In 1993, we had a short list of places we wanted to live, they were West of the Cascades. We had had enough desert. I like green, I like fir trees, I like flood warnings (since I live at the top of the hill). I have experienced working on the South side of a metal barn in 100 degree plus for days on end. No thank you.  [For my friends, and I have many, who still live in arid places, I mean no disrespect. If you love it more power to you. I still love you!]

As I think about the spiritual journey each of us is on, the rain brings the refreshing and richness that we are all to seek. What is the rain of our spiritual journey? It comes in a number of ways. Spending an afternoon in our Bibles, reading the life of Jesus, or the songs of Israel (Psalms) is a great start. A few moments with worship music dampens the soil of our lives. I have become a fan of Kari Jobe. Most of the time, "The Message" plays on my car radio. Add to that the writings of Christians helps water our growth. Then there is doing something. Maybe it is sharing a testimony, or talking to a friend over coffee about what God had done and is doing. Frankly, there have been too many droughts in my spiritual walk over the years. I struggle most often, when I am dry. When I haven't had God's rain in my life. 

So, yes, I grow weary at times of the water from the sky. May I never tire of the rain of God's spirit and His word.

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