Heard Several Times

One of the tools of Bible study that I was taught is when something shows up several times in a text, it is probably important.  On this road to holiness, listening to the whispers of God might have the same principles.  Well, yesterday was a multiple theme day.  I am currently reading Beyond Halftime, a book recommended to me last year.  One of the chapters was on the things that have the potential to bring us down, emotionally, spiritually and professionally. There are some quesitons at the end of each chapter.  The first questions was about secrets we keep from family and friend.

Then I picked up Christianity Today and was reading it casually.  There was at article by a well-known preacher and author who made a confession.  He has been a hypocrit. I won't go into his story, but added to the previous reading, I was challenged.  Add to that a few weeks ago I saw something (maybe Facebook), which said, "Our church is not full of hypocrits. We have room for one more."

I am catching a theme here. I have been looking closely at my life.

Is my talk consistant with my walk. (Probably never will be, but am I trying)?
Do I have secrets?
Am I being limited by those things, past or present? (Yeah, I would say so. I guess there is some forgiveness stuff to do.)
What else do I need to add to this list?
So am I a hypocrit? In as much as we all are sinner, I will answer a broad yes.  I need to look at the little yes next.

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