Finally, A Little Blue

This morning, as I was coming down the hill from my house, I couldn't help but notice the blue sky, white fluffy clouds, and the sun shining in the Olympic Mountains. After the last week or so, the sun almost seemed alien. It has been so long since that range of mountains has been visible that they almost looked new. A very pleasant mood settled in this morning and I felt good, no great. I am not one to complain, though I might comment, about the weather. We live in Western Washington so we can expect some gray and damp. That gray and damp leads to green and lush. It is why we live here. Still, after more than a week of non-western Washington amounts of wet it was quite a respite.It bright a smile to my heart and felt like a fresh breeze for my soul.

We are told in 1 Peter 1:6-7 and James 1:2-4 that trials and troubles will come our way that that we should be glad for them. James says, "Consider it all joy." I know that people around me did not consider last week's wild weather with joy. Nor are we very good at considering trials and persecutions with joy.  I am willing, if not joyful, to endure the trials that come because I know good that which can result from those trials. I get that part.

Yet, I also know the joy and sense of relief when a trial comes to an end, when the sun shines and the skies are blue once more. That moment is too a gift from God worthy of thanksgiving and praise. These moments are as much a part of life as times of trial. They are 'times of refreshing.'  I was so glad to have one of those moments this morning.

There is a song that expresses this thought. It is older, but still a good one, or I think so.


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