Cleaning It up

I hadn't really looked at the "Who Am I?" page for a while. This weekend for some reason I found myself proofing it, as it came up as the home page for my blog. [I have since changed that.] I wanted to review what I had said. Was it accurate? Was it current? Was there anything I needed or wanted to add? It wasn't too bad to be honest. Then again it wasn't perfect.

For one, I had a grammatical error or two in it. I ended a sentence with a preposition. There was a sentence that had what looked like a redundant idea. Technically correct but not the best way to say it. Then there were the few words that I simply misspelled. Spelling is not my best thing anyway. I regularly ask Debbie how to spell something. In one case I left an 'e' off 'here.' That is 'Her' and didn't make sense. Most would understand and some not notice but it was not accurate. So I made a half a dozen corrects or so. Not bad. But . . .

As I think about my spiritual journey I wonder how often I have settled? Settled for close? Settled for almost? There is that settlers' phrase, "Close enough." I would suggest we too often just get close enough. We know we could have done better but that would be hard work. It would take away from something else we want to do or have or be. So we think '"That is good enough. And probably better than most." Yet, I am left to to wonder what Jesus deserves from me. I have seen the idea of 'worthy manner' a lot this year. So the challenge this week for me is to proof my life. What am I reading, watching, thinking, wanting, saying? It might very well be good. Maybe even good enough. I think I am going to go for perfect. With life it isn't but at least I can try.

PS – If you see anything I need to correct, let me know.

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